Want to Play College Women’s Tennis?

Navigating the world of women’s tennis college programs can be overwhelming with over 900 colleges to choose from, drawing talent from all corners of the US and beyond. Finding the perfect match involves considering academic, athletic, social, and financial factors, but the process can be tricky without the right guidance. Our guide to women’s college tennis recruiting breaks down each step to help student-athletes and their families succeed.

Understanding Women’s Tennis Recruiting Rules and Calendar

The NCAA has specific rules and a schedule that guide how college coaches and student-athletes can connect during the recruiting process. In May 2019, the NCAA adjusted these rules because many Division 1 student-athletes, participating in different sports, shared in an NCAA survey that coaches were reaching out and making verbal offers to them as early as their freshman year of high school. The changes aim to create a more positive recruiting experience for everyone.

Check NCAA recruiting rules and calendar for women’s college tennis.

What is Required to Play Women’s Tennis in College

College coaches from NCAA and NAIA schools are on the lookout for tennis talent, whether it’s within the U.S. or across the globe. This creates a fierce competition for roster spots and athletic scholarship packages. If you’re serious about playing college tennis, it’s crucial to understand what coaches are searching for in a recruit, including tennis rankings, competition experience, and physical strengths. Check out our women’s college recruiting guidelines for insights into what coaches value at different division levels. If you’re determined to play college tennis, you’ve got to know what coaches are after. It’s not just about your tennis skills. Coaches consider everything from your rankings and experience in competitions to your physical abilities.

Learn what college coaches are looking for women’s tennis recruits.

More Details About Women’s Tennis Scholarship

When it comes to getting scholarships for women’s tennis, NCAA Division 1 and Division 2 programs handle things a bit differently. Let’s break it down:

Division 1: Full Ride, but Limited Seats
In Women’s Division 1 tennis, it’s like a VIP club. Every player on the team gets a full-ride scholarship, which is awesome. But hold up, there’s a catch! There’s a limit on how many players can have scholarships each year. It’s like they can only invite eight guests to the VIP party.

Division 2 Decisions: Budget Magic
Now, in Division 2, it’s a bit like budgeting for a shopping spree. Women’s tennis here is called an “equivalency sport.” What does that mean? Coaches get a budget, and they can decide how to slice and dice it to give out scholarships. If a coach has a big enough budget, every player on the team could get some scholarship money.

Division 3 Delight and Ivy League Intellect
Moving to Division 3 and Ivy League schools, it’s a different game. Athletic scholarships aren’t in play, but don’t be sad. They’ve got something else up their sleeves – merit-based scholarships. If you’re acing your GPA and tests, you might snag some financial help.

Learn more about Women’s Tennis Scholarships

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What You Need to Get Recruited to Play Women’s Tennis is College

Getting noticed by college tennis coaches is all about being proactive. Start by researching college tennis programs to build a list of target schools. Create a StudBud Recruiting Profile, showcasing your skills in a recruiting video that will live on your profile. Once June 15 of your sophomore year hits, coaches can start reaching out, so be ready to build relationships with coaches at your dream schools. Compete and rank well in tournaments right from the start, all while keeping your NCAA academic eligibility intact. For a deep dive into the recruiting process, check out our guide on how to get recruited by college tennis coaches – it’s your go-to playbook for acing the recruitment game.

Guide on how to get recruited by college tennis coaches.

Create a Recruiting Video to Play Women’s College Tennis

To kick off the recruiting game, college coaches often start by checking out databases such as StudBud, where they dive into athletes’ recruiting videos. This is a big deal because, for many players, it’s the coach’s first glimpse of their skills in action. So, it’s crucial to showcase exactly what coaches are searching for in a recruit. In this section, we’ve got your back with a bunch of tips on how to create a recruiting video that not only grabs attention but leaves a lasting impression on college coaches.

How to showcase your skills on a video to get recruited. 

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Find the Complete List of Women’s Tennis College Coaches

Discovering the perfect tennis program requires some serious digging. To start, make a list of reach (dream), target (realistic), and safety (backup) schools that fit your tennis skills, academic goals, social vibe, and financial situation. With over 900 colleges having women’s tennis programs across the US, it can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. But, no worries, we’ve got your back! We’ve put together a section that’s like a treasure map – a complete list of colleges with women’s tennis programs to guide you through this exploration.

Check the complete list of colleges with women’s tennis program. 

Recruiting Rankings and Websites for Women’s College Tennis

Even though our guide offers comprehensive insights into the women’s college tennis recruiting process, there are additional helpful resources for recruits and their families to tap into. Websites like USTA.com, collegetennisonline.com, and wearecollegetennis.com offer valuable perspectives on collegiate tennis. For those curious about the top women’s college tennis teams, the NCAA’s website provide rankings and details. Also, at StudBud Scholarships we provide services designed to assist student-athletes in finding the perfect college fit, analyze schools based on factors like size, cost, location, and academics, utilizing resources such as U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges, 2023 IPEDS graduation rates, and 2023 IPEDS institutional net cost. These resources act like your sidekicks in navigating the exciting journey of college tennis recruitment!