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Ourania Chimonides

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Committed to UNCW

Ourania Chimonides has signed with UNCW.

About me

Evaluated by: Luka Cajic

Ourania is one of the top women’s volleyball talents in Cyprus, according to many 1st league coaches. Her height and ability to move fast help her close almost every block. Her attacking skills are improving as she gets older and stronger.

First blocker in European Tournament between the National Teams of: Croatia, Slovenia, Czechia, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Israel, Cyprus

Third blocker in all competition Phases in Europe, between National Teams of: Italy, Turkey, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Czechia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Slovakia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Austria, Hungary, Latvia, Bulgaria, Spain,Israel, Cyprus, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark, Georgia, Norway, Finland, Azerbaijan, Faroe Islands.


  • Played for Anorthosis Famagusta

    1 years

  • Played for Ethnikos Latsion VC

    7 years


  • Won 1st blocker award in European competition award


  • Won 3rd blocker award for all European Competition Phases award


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