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Stefania Alupei

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Stefania Alupei has signed with University of California San Diego.

About me

My name is Stefania Alupei and i am a 17 years old outside hitter in the class of 2025. I am from Bucharest, Romania and I play for CSM Bucharest’s volleyball team- u19 and Pro team (#13). Here I have contributed to winning two u16 national championships, one u19 silver medal and the u19 National Championship in 2024.

I am in my 7th year of playing volleyball and throughout my carreer i have had the priviledge representing my country on various national teams, including the u17 team for the European Championship in 2021 ,u18 team in 2022 and u19 team for the World Championship in 2021.

I am currently a junior at C.N. Ion Luca Caragiale Highschool in Bucharest, where i maintain an average of 9.6/10. My older sister, Francesca Alupei, is currently a member of the UCLA volleyball team. She has given me valuable insight into the university experience in the United States and this has helped me understand the demands and rewards of being a student-athlete at an elite American university.

I am excited about the opportunity of joining her and furthering my career in the US while developing at a high academic level.

Growing up in a family deeply rooted in the athletic excellence i have internalized the values that drive successful athletes to the highest peaks.

My mother is a two time olympic rowing champion and my father is a two time world rowing champion. Both of them have helped my sister and i understand that hard work, discipline and dedication are essential for achieving our athletic goals, while also taking good care of our academic development. Volleyball has become a part of my life, not just as a sport but as a source of immense joy and personal growth. It has equipped me with incredibly valuable lessons that extend far beyond the court.

I believe that the essence of the game lies in teamwork, and, most importantly in the trust between the players. I try to support my teammates and encourage them during the difficult moments, while keeping a good and positive attitude. It isn’t just a game to me, it’s a passion that prepares me for the real world, teaching me the importance of collaboration, trust, and strong commitment.


  • Played for CSM Bucharest

    4 years


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