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Rita Alexandra Afonso Borges da Silva

Rita Alexandra Afonso Borges da Silva

Available for 2024
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    About me

    I have been passionate about swimming since I started competing at age 8.
    Since then, I have developed into a sprint swimmer, focusing on free and fly events.
    My journey has taken me to compete at regional and national level where I’ve had the opportunity to compete in Division 1 and 2 nationals.
    I always try to step out of my confort zone, a defining moment that represents that was when I took on the challenge of swimming the 400 freestyle to open the national clubs division 1 meet, my sucess in scoring points set a positive tone for our team right from the start.
    I am dedicated and coachable but most importantly I am an empatic teammate. When a teammate felt overwhelmed by the pressure of swimming the 200 fly, understanding the importance of team spirit and support, I offered to switch races with them. Taking on the 200 fly was challenging but fun, I gave it my all and achieved a personal best, contributing valuable points to our team’s overall score.

    By my achievements during the season, I was able to be recognized by the city alongside friends and teammates.
    I was named sub-captain of our team, encouraging my teammates, and fostering a positive, supportive environment has been a gratifying experience.

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    • Played for Clube Natação da Amadora

      4 years

    • Played for Gesloures

      5 years


    • Won Sports award for merit and results achieved award


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