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Pinar Donmez

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United States
Available for 2025
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    About me

    Hi, I am Pinar Donmez. I am currently a grade 10 student at Layton Christian Academy High. I will graduate in 2025. I came to LAYTON this year. I have a 3.76 average in the first quarter. I was born in 2007. I am a national swimmer in the Turkish National Team. I participated in COMEN CUP and EYOF races as an international race. I continue my training with the South Davis Aquatics team under the supervision of coach Chad Reimschussel. I was doing my training at LCM in Turkey. I’m doing it here at SCY. I do 8 workouts a week. I am an avid swimmer. My major is breaststroke. My 33.60 degrees in 50m breaststroke and 1.13.43 degrees in 100m breaststroke. I want a university where I can both improve myself and contribute to the team in the future. Thank you.


    • Played for Fenerbahce

      2021 years

    • Played for South Davis Aquatics

      2022 years

    • Played for Tekirdag Yuzme Ihtisas

      2003 years


    • Won Turkey Stars 1st Place award


    • Won Youth Turkey 2nd Place award


    • Won Open Age Turkey 3rd Place award


    Additional information

    2021 COMEN CUP National Team 2022 EYOF National Team My best stroke Breaststroke