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Olja  Trivunović

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Available for 2025
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    About me

    I have been doing sports ever since I was little. I played various sports such as soccer, tennis, handball, volleyball and more… I am outgoing, thrive for competition, I strive to improve and never stop working on myself. Everyday I train at least 2 times a day and I am a hardworking person on and off the court. Sport has always been an integral part of my life and I found myself by doing it.

    Volleyball taught me so much already, but the one thing I think about the most is the teamwork and positive chemistry on the court. I want to be someone who my teammates can rely on in the crucial moments on and off the court. I believe that teamwork and trust is a really important thing in sports so I think that’s something that every team should work on.

    My plan for the future and goal is to play volleyball professionally and play for my national team. I want to live of something that I love doing. I am really committed to it and I am hardworking so I think I can accomplish it.


    • Played for HAOK Zagreb

      3 years


    • Won National students dorm competition 3rd place award


    Additional information

    Right now my standing reach is 7ft 9in Approach jump 9ft 2 in and it will get higher