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Indi Zetić

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Available for 2025
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    About me

    I was born on 25.02.2006 in Feldbach, Austria to my parents Nada and Zoran Zetić. I grew up surrounded by sports as both of my parents were athletes in the past. After trying few others sports I quickly realised volleyball is the one for me.
    For the past 6 years volleyball has played a big part in my everyday life. It has taught me important life skills on-and off-court. All those long practices late at night, long all-weekend tourntaments and even harder school hours have taught me patience, independence, endurance and most of all, to be stubborn and not give up when it’s hard.
    For me, studying in USA would be a great opportunity to improve and expand my volleyball skills as much as achieve my academic goals.


    • Played for OK Bistrica

      1 years

    • Played for OK Formis

      6 years


    • Won 3rd place at national championship award


    Additional information

    While playing for u17 team we lost in the semi-finals 2 times, but still managed to be in the top 5 in the country. While playing for u19 team we lost in the semi-finals, but managed to be in top 6 in country. Last season i played for u19 team in first league and the senior team in 1.A Slovenian League and this year i will continue to play for u19 team in first league and for senior team in 1.B Slovenian League