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Daniel Parra Mantilla

Daniel Parra Mantilla

Available for 2024
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    About me

    I’m Daniel Parra Mantilla a Colombian Soccer Player competing right now In Rayo Vallecano U23 in Spain at a semiprofesional Level. I’ve been playing soccer since I have 6 years old, and since then I’ve been dreaming of playing at a professional level while competing in National Tournaments, International campments, and other Tournaments well recognized. Inside the Field, I’m a Multifunctional Player playing in these positions: Attacking midfielder (CAM), Center Midfielder (CM), Forward, and Outside Midfielder.


    • Played for Psd Panteras

      2022 years

    • Played for Real Santander

      2021 years

    • Played for Rayo Vallecano

      2023 years


    • Won National Tournament Top Goal Asistant award


    • Won High School Conference Tournament Top Goal Asistant award


    • Won High School State Tournament Top Goal Asistant award


    Additional information

    My overall ability inside the Field is above average. My main position is Center attacking midfielder (CAM), Because of my adapting ability, I became a multifunctional player in the middle of the field and in the forward. In the position I play, I’m used to being known for my attitude, Mental Agility, and Clearly way of passing allowing me great confidence and spreading my leadership with my teammates. I’m Characterized as a Leader, my Loyalty, my Partnership, my Attitude, my ambition, my Respect, and the way I Compete, I always want to win. Playing as a team is a way I show those values, Helping my teammates, giving them confidence allowing them to show their best version. I want to be better every day, improving myself and trying to be my best version every day. I’m a Happy Person with a lot of dreams to achieve, wanting to show the best of me always with a big attitude and humility